No one does like like taxes, but we think that they can and should be tamed. Two things are crucial in this process – a sense of comfort and a sense of control. Comfort is the belief that we do not infringe our tax obligations, regardless of the dynamics of changes in regulations in this area. As for control, we work it out by being one step ahead of the upcoming changes in the economic and financial business environment. The main goal of our activities in the field of tax advisory services is to provide our business partners with tax comfort and control of tax processes.

As part of the services we provide, we support our clients by offering constant assistance in solving current tax problems, representing them before tax authorities and administrative courts, and by carrying out ad hoc tax projects that meet specific business needs.

Our tax advisory services include support in the field of indirect, direct and local taxes, offered in particular through:

  • cooperation on the basis of permanent tax advisory contracts for employees of accounting and legal departments in order to solve current tax doubts by providing oral and written advice on current tax settlements in accordance with the reported demand,
  • representation in tax, customs and fiscal proceedings, tax, customs and fiscal inspections as well as in verification activities through participation at every stage of these processes in activities undertaken by the authorities, including the preparation and submission of explanations, reservations and appeals against possible unfavorable tax decisions,
  • representation in court and administrative proceedings before voivodeship administrative courts and the Supreme Administrative Court in Warsaw in cases initiated by our Law Firm or transferred to our Law Firm in the course of their conduct, resulting from the initiative of the taxpayer or actions of tax authorities,
  • ad hoc tax projects meeting current business needs, such as preparing applications for individual interpretations, applications for issuing binding rate information, reviewing contract provisions in terms of tax obligations, preparing tax opinions in relation to ongoing or planned economic activities, drawing up tax procedures, etc.,
    conducting tax reviews aimed at identifying tax risks that may lead to tax arrears, as well as in order to identify optimal tax solutions or areas of overpayment in paid taxes,
  • conducting tax trainings and practical tax workshops to ensure proper preparation for the amendment of tax regulations.