A responsible and conscious approach to business requires adapting to a number of legal regulations of to the broadly understood environmental protection. We believe that environmental protection is not only a temporary fashion, but a trend that will permanently shape business relations in the coming years.

To help our clients adapt to these requirements, as part of our practice, we offer:

  • audits of the conducted business activities and planned projects in terms of requirements of the broadly understood environmental protection law, with particular emphasis on waste management,
  • reviewing contracts and assessing projects in terms of their compliance with the requirements of environmental law,
  • supporting clients in obtaining environmental decisions and also integrated, sectoral and other similar administrative permits,
  • supporting clients in the course of control procedures, including procedures conducted by Regional Inspectorate for Environmental Protection, and participation in administrative proceedings regarding penalties imposed for violations of environmental protection regulations,
  • preparing documentation for the public procurement procedure for collection or collection and management of municipal waste and supporting the clients during such public procurement proceedings and further cooperation with the awarding entity.