We provide comprehensive assistance to contracting authorities and companies participating in tenders carried out pursuant to the Public Procurement Law. Our services cover all stages of the procurement procedure, i.e. from the preparation of documents up to the implementation of the contract.

We support our clients regardless of the type and the subject of the tender. We provide assistance to contracting authorities in formulating ToR provisions and drafting requests addressed to tender participants, and assist contractors in the preparation of offers in order to ensure their compliance with applicable laws.

We possess experience in representing each of the parties to the proceedings, both at the stage of negotiations on mutual cooperation and the final version of the contract, as well as in appeal proceedings before the National Chamber of Appeal and common courts.

As part of Public Procurement practice, we also provide advice to our clients and issue opinions as to the compliance of a given project or solution with the Public Procurement Law and implementing regulations.

Our services as part of Public Procurement practice include:

  • legal analysis of a given project in terms of the Public Procurement Law
  • support at all stages of the procedure (including preparation or reviewing and verifying documentation required in the tender, such as powers of attorney, summons, explanations)
  • negotiating, identifying and preventing risks related to a given tender
  • representing the client before the National Chamber of Appeal and common courts
  • supporting the client at the stage of public procurement contracts implementation